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Aspiring to be a self-sustainable residential care facility in South Africa



NPO number: 000-771 - Co. Reg: 1935/006440/08 (NPC) - PBO ref: 9300000281



Vision and Mission Statement 3

Philosophy. 3


Corporate Options 4

2.1. Assist a Resident
2.2. Maintenance Sponsorship. 4
2.3. Facility Modernisation Sponsorship. 5
2.4. REEA Circle Sponsorship. 5
2.5. Sponsor a nurse. 5
2.6. Sponsor a mini-bus 5
2.7. Sponsor a gardener 5
2.8. Outreach Sponsorship. 6

Individual, trust and small business options 6

2.9. REEA Donors 6
2.10. Friends of REEA (To be launched in 2014) 7
2.11. Bequests 7

3. Sponsorship and Donor highlights to date. 8


ANNEXURE A - Outreach and Development Programmes 9

Equine Therapy. 9
Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme. 9
Literacy Outreach Programme. 10

ANNEXURE B - Office Bearers and Auditors 11

Auditors and Accounting. 11

The REEA Foundation Board. 11

ANNEXURE C - REEA Foundation Staff 12






The REEA Foundation, (previously known as REEA Care Centre and originally as the Rand Epileptic Employment Association) was started in 1935 by doctors at the Lady Dudley Nursing Home in Johannesburg and is the oldest residential care facility for people with epilepsy in South Africa. It is currently situated on the banks of the Braamfonteinspruit in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.


REEA is a registered Section 21 non-profit organisation with a primary focus on providing 24/7 care for more than 40 persons suffering from epilepsy and mild neurological disorders. REEA also operates an HIV/AIDS orphan outreach programme, food security programmes for disabled and previously disadvantaged individuals and a literacy outreach programme.


REEA is managed by a board of directors with two full time and one part time executive positions:

  • Manager: Beneficiary and Operations - responsible for the management of all beneficiary programmes and for the hostel facility which is staffed by a team of professional nurses and administrative staff. This position is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.
  • Manager: Marketing and Communications - responsible for all marketing, fundraising and communications activities. This position is also supported by dedicated volunteers, and includes external communications, managing the REEA Reader Bookshop and promoting various fundraising initiatives.
  • Manager: REEA Veterinary Consulting Room – responsible for the Pet food delivery and consulting service.


As a charitable organisation, the REEA Foundation relies on government grants and the goodwill of companies and individuals both in South Africa and abroad. All donations made to us are deductible and we provide an 18a Certificate to all donors. In accordance with BEE requirements, more than 75% of our beneficiaries are previously disadvantaged individuals.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to be a self-sustainable residential care facility in South Africa. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the disabled persons entrusted to our care by fostering a culture of excellence, commitment and professionalism within our organisation. We provide continuous spiritual, moral, medical and residential support, as well as protective employment and advancement opportunities for those who are able.


Our residents are multi-dimensional beings with physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, socio-economic and political selves who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. All therapeutic interactions operate within this framework, and all residents are treated equally irrespective of colour, creed, religion, socio-economic standing or cultural background.


We offer a range of sponsorship and donation options for large corporates and individuals, trusts or small businesses.


Corporate options include:

  1. 1.Assist a resident
  2. 2.Maintenance Sponsorship
  3. 3.Facility Upgrade Sponsorship
  4. 4.REEA Super Circle Sponsorship
  5. 5.Sponsor a nurse
  6. 6.Sponsor a mini-bus
  7. 7.Sponsor a gardener
  8. 8.Outreach Sponsorship


Individual, trust or small business options include:

  1. 9.Donors of REEA
  2. 10.Friends of REEA
  3. 11.Bequests

Corporate Options

2.1. Assist a Resident

This sponsorship covers the cost of accommodation, food and healthcare for one REEA resident for one full year. Our residents are our primary concern, so we would like to appeal to corporates to assist a resident for two years or more or to assist more than one resident.


Cost: R60 000 per annum


This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Association rights with REEA for the sponsor’s promotional purposes.
  • Media exposure and branding in REEA’s newsletter and website.
  • Advertising opportunities at our annual charity golf day.

2.2. Maintenance Sponsorship

This sponsorship covers REEA’s facility maintenance and repairs for one full year.


Cost: R20 000 per annum


This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Naming rights of the sponsorship.
  • Association rights with REEA for the sponsor’s promotional purposes.
  • Media exposure and branding in REEA’s newsletter and website.

2.3. Facility Modernisation Sponsorship

Our hostel facility is 78 years old and is in urgent need of upgrading and modernisation. Our budget for the full hostel upgrade is R2.5 million. If you are interested in taking part in this sponsorship opportunity please contact us.

2.4. REEA Circle Sponsorship

REEA is looking for three companies to form the REEA Super Circle, with options available for diamond, platinum and gold sponsorships.



Golden Sponsor between R100 000 and R499 999

Platinum Sponsor between R500 000 and R999 999

Diamond Sponsor R1 000 000 and above


This entitles Super Circle sponsors to:

  • Advertising in all REEA communications throughout the year.
  • Special invitations to REEA events throughout the year.
  • Full credit and branding at any REEA event.
  • A dedicated bronze plaque on the REEA Super Circle Donor Wall.

2.5. Sponsor a nurse

This sponsorship covers the costs for a nurse for one full year.


Cost: This varies per nurse depending on qualification, but is around R180 000 a year


This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Media exposure and branding
  • Advertising in REEA’s newsletter and website.

2.6. Sponsor a mini-bus

This sponsorship helps us cover the cost of the mini-buses we need for our various programmes.


Cost: TBC


This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Full advertising on the vehicle for excellent brand exposure

2.7. Sponsor a gardener

This sponsorship pays the salary of one gardener employed to maintain the REEA Foundation hostel grounds.


Cost: R40 000 per gardener per annum


This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Credit in our newsletters as the sponsor of one of our gardeners

2.8. Outreach Sponsorship

This sponsorship helps us to run our various outreach programmes along with the associated costs of these. We have four Outreach and Development Programmes at present.


Equine Therapy is run by the Sandton River Rangers and funded by REEA.

Cost: R120 000 per annum


Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme.

Cost: R80 000 for 20 people per annum


The Literacy Programme is run by the REEA Reader Bookshop.

Cost: R50 000 for 50 people per annum



This entitles the sponsor to:

  • Identification as Outreach Sponsors in the chosen programme.  
  • Acknowledgement in all related REAA documents.
  • Regular reports in respect of the project
  • Special invitations to REEA and Outreach events.


More details of the Outreach Programmes are available in Annexure A.

Individual, trust and small business options

2.9. REEA Donors

REEA offers two categories of donations particularly aimed at, but not exclusive to, individuals, trusts and small businesses.


The ‘Epilepsy Donor’ category

Donation: R 10 000 or more


This entitles the donor to:

  • Acknowledgement in the newsletter as donor.
  • A free four-ball at the REEA golf tournament.
  • Special invitations to REEA events.


The ‘Care Donor’ category

Donation: Between R5 000 and R10 000


This entitles the donor to:

  • Acknowledgement in the newsletter as donor.
  • Special invitations to REEA events.

2.10. Friends of REEA (To be launched in 2014)

The Friends of REEA programme supports our belief that ‘in need – we give’. This loyalty programme involves a monthly donation to support the REEA Foundation.


Donation: A monthly membership fee of R50.


This entitles the member to:

  • 10% discount on products at the Colourful Splendour Nursery.
  • 10% discount on the hire of ponies for children’s party, excluding travel costs.
  • One free book per month from the REEA Reader Bookshop.
  • 10% discount on the Pet Food Delivery Service.
  • 10% discount on all REEA events.
  • A free annual Friends of REEA tea party with lots of surprises.


All members also get a P3 trauma and HIV exposure assistance programme membership free of charge. This covers the following:

  • 24 hour telephonic counselling and support and face to face counselling in the event of trauma.
  • HIV/Incident Assault Cover.
  • Additional cover for suicide, bereavement and physical assault.
  • Specialist additional benefits such as accompanied identity parade, accompanied court room appearance and case manager for each case.

2.11. Bequests

Should you wish to make bequest, please speak to our legal director, who can advise you on how to include REEA Foundation in your will.


3. Sponsorship and Donor highlights to date

Thank you to all of the donors and sponsors who support REEA. The table below shows some of our sponsorship and donation highlights over the past 4 and half years. Only donations in excess of R5000 are shown.





CGIC Donation Support

The Brokerage

National Lottery Fund



Golden Gardens

The Brokerage

Inyata Buffalo Lodge

The Market Place

Nederuits H.K. Randburg

RB Hagart Trust

LNF Donation

Wits University

JC Bitcon Foundation

Shilo Dic

MM Van Heerden

LNF Donation


L Wilson Will Trust

African Mining Trust

Fuchs Foundation

JC Bitcon Foundation

M&G Cameron Trust


Lynda Nagel Foundation


The Brokerage

Estate AJ Swart

Robert Niven Trust

African Mining Trust

Holy Family Sisters


Gladys Cameron Trust

M&G Cameron Trust

MSA Group


African Mining Trust


Robert Niven Trust




MSA Group


MSA Group








LifeSense Group


The Brokerage

MSA Group


MSA Group

Old Parktonian Bowling Club


LNF Donation

M&G Cameron Trust


JB Hagard Trust

The Brokerage


Simmonds Hampton Trust



JC Bitcon Foundation

JC Bitcon Foundation


Circle of Friends

Papilsky SR&A Winer


RTB Foundation

Mrs Murray Charity





M&G Cameron Trust



Fuchs Foundation



Sure Bleeker



Wallis Trust

LDM Donation




We have established many partnerships and collaborations in recent years, exchanging knowledge, ideas and information and sharing resources to improve REEA.


Our current partners include:

  • Colourful Splendour Nursery
  • Craighall Park Primary School
  • Craigpark Residents Association
  • Fireworks Web Design
  • Ingress Technology
  • LifeSense Group
  • Sandton River Rangers
  • Schindlers Attorneys
  • S&K Architects
  • Mind Your Music


ANNEXURE A - Outreach and Development Programmes

One of REEA’s aims is the development of a multifaceted outreach programmes. Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals.


We currently have three Outreach and Development programmes:


  1. 1.Equine Therapy – horse riding programme for HIV/Aids orphans
  2. 2.Eco Agriculture – food security programme
  3. 3.Literacy Outreach Programme – run by the REEA Reader Bookshop

Equine Therapy

REEA offers Equine Therapy in partnership with Egoli Rangers and Nazareth House, a home for children under 12 living with or affected by HIV/Aids. Each week a group of children from Nazareth House are hosted by the Egoli Rangers, with some of the children receiving horse riding lessons and others enjoying a picnic and other activities.


Horse riding is excellent therapy for these children as it provides all of the health benefits of gentle exercise, such as stimulated circulation and boosted metabolism. It is also a pleasurable and soothing activity that has many positive effects. For these young children who have experience grief and have often lost the joy of living, the weekly interactions with the horses and the exercise and other activities are a source of hope and happiness.

Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme

The Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme is aimed at empowering previously disadvantaged individuals with the skills they need to grow their own food and other plants as well as how to create a livelihood from this skill.

This 12 month skills programme has space for 20 individuals each year. Lessons are held once a week at the REEA vegetable gardens, and participants learn how to:


  • Control weeds manually in plant propagation.
  • Apply fertilizer to ornamental plants and landscape.
  • Apply water to landscaped areas.
  • Propagate ornamental plants from seeds.
  • Plant and establish from plants.
  • Market and sell their produce.

Literacy Outreach Programme

The REEA Reader Bookshop runs a Literacy Outreach Programme, overseen by a qualified teacher with many years of experience, which encourages children to read by giving them access to books, enabling them to develop this vital skill and enjoy reading as a recreational and educational activity.


We offer young readers a selection of suitable books on a monthly basis, and are in the process of developing an educational component to our programme, by supplying project matter or books specific to the development of literacy.


We believe that by encouraging children to read from an early age we can foster in them a love for knowledge, and one of our current programmes is run at the Philile pre-school in Hillbrow where we look after 53 children between the ages of three and six years old.



ANNEXURE B - Office Bearers and Auditors

Auditors and Accounting

REEA has been audited by JCB Johannesburg Incorporated since 1990 and A+ accounting has acted as the accounting agent since 2008. Financial statements are available on request. REEA Foundation’s tax year runs from April to March.

The REEA Foundation Board

Angus Rowe – Chairperson

A graduate of Harvard Business School, Angus has vast experience in the corporate and financial world both locally and internationally. He has worked as a financial trader in international commodities and futures markets and has been involved in human capital risk management and corporate health policy development for over 20 years. He manages more than 100 FTEs. Since 1992 he has been the Chairman and CEO of the LifeSense Group of companies.


John Cavanagh – Financial Director

John is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in a number of industries. After qualifying, John practiced as a public accountant and auditor for a number of years prior to joining a German multinational industrial company as executive director – finance. John was subsequently appointed the managing director of this company until it was merged with Siemens Ltd. Since 2008 John has offered his services as a consultant to various companies, offering advice in the accounting, taxation and related fields.


Christopher Stevens – Director

Over the past 16 years Chris has worked both internationally and locally within the Health Risk Management industry. He has held a management position with the second largest health insurer internationally and has commenced healthcare operations for a JSE listed Healthcare Consulting firm in Africa. In 2008 Chris took up a position as MD of LifeAssist, an Employee Wellness company, helping the company to become the fastest growing organisation in its industry. He brings a strong focus on operations to REEA which is ideally suited towards assisting to drive the foundation into the future.


Helen Geldard – Legal Director







Eugene Weimars – IT Development Director

ANNEXURE C - REEA Foundation Staff

Company Members

Maggie Fikkert - John Malcolm - Angus Rowe
Christopher Stevens - Keith Scott - Leigh Sedice

 Office Administration

General Manager: Alex Sheffield
Social Worker Consultant: Elinor Demetrio
Accountant (A+ Accounting): Amanda Greeves-Walker
Golf Day Co-ordinator: Lynne Hannant
Newsletter: N/A
Pet Food Delivery Service: Lynda Smith
Arts Coordinator: Deona Brough

Hostel Staff

Nurses: Sinikwe Sibanda (Professional), Joy Muhle (Professional), Alzina Zungu (Staff), Nomathemba Hlapo (Staff), Bonisiwe Nkosi (Staff), Portia Ngema (Auxilliary)
Housekeeper: Jane Fisher
Cleaners and Laundry: Paulina Makinta, Tembisa Mondi, Lillian Tsebe
Kitchen Staff: Sara Radebe, Mary Malope, Eunice Mohlongo
Driver: Sam Selepe
Gardeners and Maintenance: Albert Makola, Ephraim Makgae


Bookshop Volunteers

Judy Harding, Lesley Anderson, Paulette Malcolm, Brenda Kingman, Russ Smith, Jenny Pols, Heloise Honiball, Ray & Jenny Branch, Lorraine Oakenfull, Jennifer Pollock, Hayley Saks, Edna Da Assuncao, Elspeth Jansen, Colin Wylie


Charity Shoppe Volunteers

Daniella Alexander, Deidre Da Silva,


Vegetable Gardens

Daniella Alexander


Newsletter Volunteers (currently not published)


Hostel Volunteers

Elsabie Davies - Parkruin Church
Pastor Andrei Murphy - Bible studies at Rema Church
Angelica Ehlke, Hester Note, Ursula Kleyenstueer - Lutheran Church
Various volunteers from Weltevreden Lions
Various volunteer hairdressers from Annelize Hairdressing Salon
Greg Hein - Rosebank Union Church
Anne Morgan - St Pauls Church

Music at REEA Volunteer - Gloria Arboleda


Physical Address

Corner Marlborough and Richmond Avenues, Craighall Park, 2196


Postal Address

P.O. Box 41116, Craighall, 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa


REEA Hostel Address

No.12 York Street, Craighall 2196
Telephone: + 27 (0) 11 788 4745
Fax: +27 (0) 11 788 4783
Facebook: REEA Foundation

General Manager

Alex Sheffield
Telephone + 27 (0) 11 788 4745 ext. 12
Cell: +27 (0) 72 144 2465
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pet Food Delivery Service Manager

Lynda Smith
Telephone + 27 (0) 11 788 4745
Cell: + 27 (0) 82 567 6610
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Charity Shoppe and Vegetable Gardens

Daniella Alexander
Cell: 072 207 8196
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bank: Nedbank - Hyde Park
Account Name: REEA Foundation
Account No. 152 301 3834
Branch No. 197 205
International Banking Code (SWIFT): NEDSZAJJ