Egoli Rangers

stablesWEB4The Egoli Ranger Base is a community-based Equestrian Centre situated at REEA. The Rangers work with several community and municipal organisations, such as City Parks, JMPD, Joburg Water, Rand Water, HIV/Aids NGOs, schools and local Residents’ Associations. Established several years ago, with just two horses, today the Ranger Base owns 20 horses and ponies. They serve the community through daily patrols along the Braamfontein Spruit, monitoring ecological, social and security conditions. The Rangers’ equestrian activities include instruction, outrides, pony parties, disabled riding and providing assistance at events.


Some of our Nazareth House children who are benefitting from the Equine Therapy Outreach Program.

Nazareth1     Nazareth2

                Nazareth3     Nazareth4