Our Residents

Some of our more able residents take part in daily duties in the garden, dining room and laundry. A group of volunteers regularly assist with activities such as arts and crafts, cooking lessons, church outings, hairdressing, bingo evenings and other play group activities like music interaction.

A number of our residents have also taken the initiative and created small individual enterprises. Helen Roberts works part time at a veterinary surgery in Blairgowrie, which not only earns her a small salary but has also allowed her to expand her knowledge of animals, something which she has always been passionate about. Andrew Meeding started his own car wash, which not only keeps him busy for most of the week, it also provides him with an income that supports his personal needs (See Tenants).

Paul Campling has started a furniture restoration business which is well supported by the local community. This enterprise provides him with additional income that gives him a measure of financial independence (See Tenants). Dirkie Davies is passionate about electronics and enjoys repairing television sets, video and DVD machines, toasters, heaters and any other small appliances requiring attention. He offers this service to members of the public as well as residents at REEA.

Etienne Malherbe, Sonja Davies and Bruce Stewart assist in the REEA Reader Bookshop, where they not only interact with customers of the bookshop who come to visit, but also have access to the latest educational material and a wealth of reading matter. Other residents assist a Johannesburg-based company with contract assembly work at the hostel, for which they receive a stipend.

At REEA we are also environmentally conscious, and our paper recycling initiative has been taken up with enthusiasm by a very dedicated group of residents including Bobby Kotze, Robert Killian, Shawn Self, Jannie Schutte, Frank Coetzee and Beverly Wragg. The group currently processes in excess of two tons of recycled material for collection each week.

The goal of these activities is to encourage interaction between our residents and members of the community, help our residents to gain a measure of independence and promote their self-esteem. It also serves the dual purpose of creating awareness for the REEA Foundation and for the condition of epilepsy.