The REEA Residential Facility

The REEA  Foundation (previously known as REEA  Care Centre and originally as the Rand Epileptic Employment Association) was started in 1935 by doctors at the Lady Dudley Nursing Home in Johannesburg and is currently situated on the banks of the Braamfonteinspruit in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.

room in hostelREEA is a registered Section 21 non-profit organisation with a primary focus on providing 24/7 care for more than 40 persons suffering from epilepsy and mild neurological disorders at our facility at 12 York Street, Craighall Park. REAA also operates an HIV/AIDS orphan outreach programme, food security programmes for disabled and previously disadvantaged individuals, a day care programme for persons with mild neurological disorders and a literacy outreach programme.
combiThe Residential Facility is supported by a 24 hour medical staff and is divided into separate sections for our male and female residents. Shirley Van Schalkwyk and Zain Jardine are in charge of escorting the residents to the health facilities and clinics on a daily basis.

The REEA residence has been around for more than 79 years, and is in desperate need of upgrading. In order to modernise the facility and improve the lives of the residents a complete overhaul is required.