Community Interaction

Equine therapy

stablesWEB1We’re all familiar with the benefits brought about through regular exercise. Sadly, individuals whose mobility is impaired by health conditions do not enjoy these benefits.

Horse-riding is seen as an excellent solution to this problem. The gentle exercise provided by this activity stimulates blood circulation and boosts metabolism, which has important implications for wellness. There’s also great pleasure to be derived from interacting with the horses, whose very energy has a soothing and revitalising effect on people with physical and mental challenges. Recognising these benefits, Egoli Rangers offers therapy to people with disabilities.

Taking this programme a step further, Egoli Rangers has formed an association with Nazareth House, a home for children younger than 12 who are infected or affected by HIV/Aids. Every week, a group of Nazareth House residents are hosted by the rangers. Some of the children receive riding instruction, whilst others enjoy a picnic and an afternoon of activities. For these children, who have experienced grief and lost the joy in life, these excursions – and the horses themselves – are a great source of hope and happiness.

Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme

The Eco Agriculture Food Security Programme is aimed at empowering previously disadvantaged individuals with the skills they need to grow their own food and other plants as well as how to create a livelihood from this skill.

This 12 month skills programme has space for 20 individuals each year.

Lessons are held once a week within REEA's premises in Marlborough Avenue, and participants learn how to:

  • Control weeds manually in plant propagation.
  • Apply fertilizer to ornamental plants and landscape.
  • Apply water to landscaped areas.
  • Propagate ornamental plants from seeds.
  • Plant and establish from plants.
  • Market and sell their produce.

Commencement date and exact venue to be confirmed.

Literacy Outreach Programme

 We offer young readers a selection of suitable books on a monthly basis, and and our future plan is to develop an educational component to our programme, by supplying project matter or books specific to the development of literacy.

We believe that by encouraging children to read from an early age we can foster in them a love for knowledge, and one of our current programmes is run at the Philile pre-school in Hillbrow where we look after 53 children between the ages of three and six years old.

High School children can check our selection of Classics for required Set Works as we usually have a good selection of material.